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Backpacking travel stories and traveling tips for visiting Florida.

Philadelphia Phillies

Philadelphia Phillies vs Florida Marlins at Sun Life Stadium, Miami

It’s the last time the Philadelphia Phillies will ever play baseball at Sun Life Stadium in the greater Miami area of Florida.  The Florida Marlins are having a new stadium built in Miami that will be ready for the 2012 baseball season.  As a die-hard Philadelphia Phillies fan, I figured I should take this opportunity […]

Florida Keys Sunset

Key West Sunrise and Sunset Pictures

The Florida Keys exude clear blue green waters, coral reef islands, old sails, pirate stories and spectacular sunrise and sunset ceremonies. The most popular location for watching a sunset in Key West Florida is Mallory Square.  It’s also crowded every evening for the show.  So we bring you some sunset and sunrise photos from Key […]

Miami Beach

Impressions of Miami

Impression provided by Lachlan Wittick. Interstate toll collectors wear loose fitting tropical shirts on approach into Miami. Baseball caps are pressed over their bulbous glasses, covering faces etched into permanent frowns. (more…)

Cuba Marker

People of Key West Florida

Creative writing provided by Lachlan Wittick, an Australian exchange student attending the University of Florida. Key West Spectators cry out in admiration as the sun melts into the Atlantic. (more…)

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